My story – from “Figure” to “Bikini” category

My story – from “Figure” to “Bikini” category

The story I’m about to share with you in this article is about how did I manage to switch from “Figure” to “Bikini”category.

My first debut was in 2014 in “Figure” category when I won a bronze medal among 6 contestants. Basically, back then the preparation was 6 weeks in which I had to go throught hunger, tough diet and a lot of cardio. I didn’t really had a clear notion about what BodyBuilding competitions really are, and what exactly are the requirements for the different categories.

First, I decided to compete in a higher (in terms of difficulty) category (“Figure”), because the competitors in “Bikini”category didn’t have the same muscle mass which I had. (You can read a report of Marina Dekova’s first competition in “Figure”category).

At the next year and a half I took part in 2 more competitions at the same category. For the period between them I tried to add muscle mass at the top body part and  lose weight from the legs as much as I could. However, it is a long process that requires a lot of patience, perservance and continuous training regime. This is the only way to accomplish optimum competition shape.

I did a lot of mistakes at the pre-contest preparation and out of them, but the experience that I gained is priceless and I don’t regret a thing.

Over the circumstances some women asked me to help them with the preparation for the “Bikini fitness” competition. I started to make a research about this category because of them. I watched International fitness competitions, how should competitors pose, in what shape they have to be and what should be their presence and competition look, in terms of swimsuit, charisma and behavior on the stage. And I was falling in love with the category.

So, at September 2015 I decided to get prepared about the spring competitions in 2016. I was certain that this category is totally mine, it was identical to my natural body shape. This was very important for me because I always rely solely on completely natural preparation methods.


At the first stage of my preparation, my trainer wanted me to lose weight from all body muscles, so that I can gain more delicate physics. I was doing complete body training workouts (but my purpose wasn’t exhaustion by itself), in combination with cardio and diet. After this I made a short pause around New year holidays, because my body needed a rest and gather strength for the next stage of my preparation –  the competition phase prep.

The actual part of the preparation lasted 14 weeks. For this period my training sessions were mostly in gigantic sets for the top body part and a great volume for the bottom body part, which goal was to overtrain my legs and to make it lose weight. And that’s exactly what really happened. My legs became very retracted and comparatively little. Of course, there is a lot of work to do, especially about cutting and fine-processing of the rear thighs, but that requires time.

I am delighted with the result and the fact that much earlier than planned I was almost ready for the stage. I kept fit with low body-fat, without unnecessary tension and stress whether I could get to the right form. I was certain that this will happen, because I could see the progress.


My advice for all the ladies, who have decided to attend the „Bikini“ contest, is to maintain normal weight and average percentage body fat even in off-season, in order not to stress their body unnecessarily during the actual preparation. Thus muscles stay fresh, not exhausted. And the experience itself and the emotions are more positive than negative.

I want to emphazise the difference between healthy eating and nutrition to prepare. When you are preparing for contest and you have to achieve low-body fat there is no such variety in the food and especially in the choise of fats. The choice of fat is limited to 1 vitellus per day, 1 tablespoon olive/coconut oil and also fats, contained in meat and fish. In some cases, this could have bad influence on the female hormones – not just nutrition, but the whole stress along the large deficit, tough workouts and long cardio. I was lucky not having problems with the hormonal system and menstruation, which owes to the fact  that I’ve been training all my life. And also, I have never had revulsions in my weight.

Everything was happening very smoothly and gradually, because life is not a sprint, but a marathon.

I departed from the subject, but it was important advise to the ladies.



The preparation itself was very pleasant. I felt relatively well, although there were times when my nerves were more tensed. I am grateful to my closest people that they were patient and supportive. Except myself I was preparing 4 other girls, who were debutantes, which was hard for me. I gave them all my best and they presented excellently. You can see how their preparation passed along and what their results are HERE.           

In April 2016 I participated in two competitions in a period of two weeks. I account that as a big advantage because you can find out what mistakes you have made in your stage behavior and posing, you can see if you have some gaps in your shape and you can correct it for the second competition. You can also find out what exactly the judges are looking for. And last but not least, you have time to start  feel comfortable to pose.

At my first contest I won a silver medal among 6 competitors – this was a good exam to set my clock. I definitely liked myself, although that kind of shape was brand new for me. After the first competition I saw that I had to lay stress on dehydration and the contraction of the muscle mass of the legs. I’m glad I was able to understand that there, because I had the opportunity to fix it for the real important event – ”The  Qualification for the European Championship”.

Marina Dekova

Marina Dekova

I took measures in the next 7 days and I made standard bodybuilder dehydration with rotation of the water, salt and carbohydrates. I felt great through this period. There was no dizziness, faintness, etc. I was mentally and physically on the stage and looking forward to this moment.

… And it happened!




For my biggest surprise we were 18 competitors in the category – any of which more lovely and beautiful. There was a very strong competition, which means that the category is developing. There is an increasing number of girls that turn to sport as a way of life.

I qualified 4th – just a step away from medal! I’m very proud of the place, the judges awarded me among so many strong and approved in this category competitors. This motivated me to become better at the future competitions and to show one more processed and symmetric physics.



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