Marina Dekova

Marina Dekova

Personal and Online Trainer

Who is she?

Marina Dekova is a personal and online fitness trainer since 2011. She is actively practicing bodybuilding and currently is a competitor and a bronze medalist in the ‘Figure’ open category at the Balkan Bodybuilding Championship Qualification, Plovdiv 2014. She wins first place in the National Bench press Championship in 2014. She has also participated in the National Bodybuilding Championship in 2014, where she placed 4th in the ‘Figure’ category. In the last three years she also specializes in functional training and rehabilitation programs. Marina is certified by the “Bulgaria Fitness Academy” and “N.A.F.A” (North American Fitness Academy).  


As a result of giving in to unhealthy lifestyle, including bad food habits and lack of exercise, she gains 15 kilograms. In 2009 she decides to go back to the gym and repair the damage to her health and figure. Since then, she has empowered her will and determination into experimenting and testing the most effective strength and functional training methods for constructing and perfecting of the body and its physical abilities and vision. Marina is a devoted follower of the natural methods and principals, which she believes are the most healthy and effective way of achieving long-term goals for both men and women.  

Where is she now?

Currently, Marina works with dozens of customers and writes articles for – the fastest-growing network for fitness and strength sports. Her future plans include continuing her competition career and gaining more and more practical experience which would allow her widen her already extensive knowledge in bodybuilding.