Recipe for super tasty salty pancakes

Recipe for super tasty salty pancakes

I’m a person who often likes to experiment with different recipes. I don’t know why but I had never though about a salty pancake.

From three years I work with twin sisters and once they shared with me the way they prepare their breakfast of oat flakes and the egg white. They make it like a pancake.

I have always prepared pancakes with cinnamon and stevia, which makes them very sweet. Now I think I have a new favourite recipe.

I use 4 egg white, 1 yolk, 40 g oat flakes. I also add salt and savory just a while before it was baked. And the result was super tasty salty pancake. It is required to have a nonstick pan. You just spread the mixture, you wait to get baked and then you turn around. It’s delicious!

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