The Culture of Movement Decline in the Modern Fitness Era

The Culture of Movement Decline in the Modern Fitness Era

One of the reasons why most fitness enthusiasts do not manage to achieve significant progress is the low culture of movement, or the lack of such. I will try to discuss some of the basic related topics, such as: the origin of the culture of movement, its benefits and foundations, or how to correct it, if necessary.

What is the Culture of Movement in sports, in strength sports/bodybuilding in particular?

The culture of movement in sports is on the most vital things, that every amateur and enthusiast must possess! The better the technique (in terms of execution of the movement itself), the better and faster the results would be. In addition, the risks of injuries decline significantly. This is not something new to you, I guess. In my opinion, however, only few of us really realize those things or just do not attach significant importance to them.

In Weightlifing, for example, it is of huge importance to master the proper technique in all movements, in order to aim at high achievements in the future. The same is true for the powerlifting and strongman, as well, despite the fact that strength is more important than in Weightlifting. On overall, if an athlete does not have proper form of movement on the basic exercises (squat, deadlift, delt presses, bench press etc.), he will not be able to develop his potential. When one has improper technique (excluding attempts which are more than 90% of your maximum rep), the weight lies on the bones and joints excessively, not on the muscles, which can lead to increased risk of severe injuries.

In addition this would lead to decreased rate of hypertrophy, because muscles are less involved in the exercise movements. In its turn, this also leads to decreased hormone response by the body and inefficient muscle building / fat burning. You probably know that, the more ‘active’ weight we possess, the faster our metabolism will be, because each muscle cell is a small ‘engine’ that needs to participate in all energy cycles in the body (creatine phosphasis, lipolysis etc.) This applies to all practitioners, whether amateur or professional athletes, whether they train only for vision or strength, explosiveness, speed, stamina.


What caused the decline of the movement habits of modern man? What are the consequences on our health?

The daily life of a modern man is such that our movement is minimized – in the car, at work at his desk, at home on the couch. People have forgotten how to move properly in space, their muscles become inactive, which is a prerequisite for a number of diseases and pain in simple movements such as bending, squatting, and pushing.

Another major source of poor movement culture in most men is paralyzing the muscles and ligaments due to incorrect training techniques and too much focus on the most of the favorite muscle groups – Chest, Biceps, Triceps and Shoulders. This is usually combined with total disregard of the lower body („I do not train legs because they hurt your knees,“ „I avoid deadlifts to avoid waist injury“ …). This negative repetition of erroneous execution of lifting bench press and the large number of exercises for arm muscles for years (which is made without proper warm-ups, massage, stretching and functional movements) leads to a time when this same considerable group fitness enthusiasts find themselves unable clean a 60 kg barbell, or to squat properly, or simply to bend forward with their backs straight.

Expect more of that topic in part 2

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