Why do most women fail on their diets? (Part 2)

Why do most women fail on their diets? (Part 2)

In my Marina Dekova – why do women fail on their diets on that topic I talked about some of the most frequent excuses, used by the majority of women who usually fail on their diets and do not get too far with their goals and desired body.

„I can’t eat 4-5 times a day, because I don’t have the time to do so?“ or „I can’t have breakfast so early“ or „I don’t want to drink that much water“

Frequent feeding boosts metabolism, as I mentioned already. “Anomalies“ such as the desire to drink water more often, get hungry in just 3-4 hours, go more often to the toilet, or getting hungry in the morning… those “strange” things are strange just to the majority of people who seek to bring them to a minimum. This is in complete opposition to the methods used to generate higher rate of efficiency for our metabolism and healthy living. These are actually the signs of the better metabolism, the metabolism that would lead to a decrease in body fat and an increase in the biological operations of the body. In this way you will most likely wake up hungry in the morning and your body will need more water and food throughout the day without unnecessary forcing yourself to follow the new nutrition plan.

When you eat twice a day, copious amounts of random food that keep you satiated for 6-8 hours, if you stay hungry for extended periods of time (6-8-10 hours), or if you do not eat breakfast and drink water, you adversely affect your metabolism by slowing it down your metabolism. In most cases (especially for women) this regime will lead to excessive underskin water retention and fat storage. This is a natural reaction of the body to adapt to the harsh and heavy periods without nutrients and water. However let’s not forget – there is always an adaptation processes to the environment. If you feel bloated, have no tone, you cannot go to the toilet regularly, etc., probably you direct your bodies to lower immunity, number of diseases and certain obesity at some stage in the future, especially if you are prone to it. There are, of course, a number of theories that defend fiercely starvation and cyclical nutrition methods (food philosophy, which aims to produce a certain type of stress and deprive the body of substances that may be likely to accumulate as overweight, but I’m not going to elaborate on that topic, because I think it is quite unsuitable for our fitness and healthy look).


„I cannot eat with the same exact food for days …“ or „And can you eat less white chocolate occasionally, I like …?“  or “I do without milk and cheese!“

Food can be cooked in different ways and be diverse and delicious! You can alternate between different kinds of meat – chicken, beef, fish, and to tamper with various spices all around, without any worries that those spices would spoil your regime (black pepper, red pepper, curry, garlic etc.) The abovementioned excuse comes down to the fact that people are used to eating junk food and a couple of sweet candies or desserts everyday – this must be taboo in every diet. If it is difficult to you and cannot be deprived of your favorite foods, just eat whatever you want and don’t cry that you do not like the way you look. Again, it is a matter of priority, what would make you happy – short-term effects of the gourmet effect by the delicious junk food or the long-term outcome of your goal – a great body to live in! I also like eating pizza and candies, but the sexy fit look good certainly makes me significantly happier! Everything you eat outside your predetermined nutrition plan is at your own risk and you should know that little by little you are getting away from the ultimate goal.

Another common mistake among women is to skip meals and catch up later by absorbing larger amounts of food in the subsequent food intakes, most often through inappropriate combinations of nutrients. This of course, goes „hand in hand“ with the self-comforting phrases like: „Well, you have not eaten the fourth meal?“  Fat-burning diets do not work through means of hunger! ‘Diet’ is not a synonym of ‘hunger’!

Ultimately, however, what is the conclusion? Over the past three years in which I worked and talked with dozens of women, most of them unfortunately think that diets are something „harmful“, „hard“ or „impossible“. Thus, they managed to live the easier way – to look in the mirror and calm down their inner selves by phrases like: „Well what the hell? So I have a nice body, people who do not like, do not have taste!“ Yes, but no… This is no a matter of taste, but a matter of whether we are willing to fight and change ourselves, progress in life, and follow our dreams (if we have this courage). With phrases like this, many women suppress their recent internal turmoil and quickly forget about the supposedly firm commitment to turn their body into a reflection of their aspirations.

Let’s try to be a little more purposeful and committed to what we want! And definitely a nice woman’s body needs a well-structured and effective diet!


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