Why do most women fail on their diets?

Why do most women fail on their diets?

To have success in each sphere, you have to work… work hard! I’m really sorry tell you this cliche once more, but I’m afraid there is no other way. To achieve something spectacular means to do some sacrifice and this is always at the cost of some uneasy „deprivation“ or change of existing habits and abandoning the „comfort zone“. So far nothing new. Most objectives tied to losing weight or achieving glamorous physical look are no exception to this rule. And in particular – we must learn to plan in advance our food and select the appropriate sources, carry it in boxes in order to avoid skipping meals throughout the day. We should eat more often than before and not succumb to food temptations that have recently attended our menu and surrounded our everyday life.

Most women, however, who aim to be slim, lose weight or to resemble the vision of a woman from a magazine, often turn to a specialist, a dietitian or an online coach. So far so good, but what’s next? Many of them believe that diets and exercise programs work alone, without putting much effort, time and devotion in them. Surely after obtaining the training plan, most women begin to wallow questions such as:

„And how to cook so often, I do not have time for that?“

Quite common excuse. We do not need to cook five times a day (as the number of meals we have). We cook once per day, most often this is done through yesterday evening. The issue here is up to priorities – whether you prefer to fill the time with something else or take 30 minutes to prepare food – and healthy food is cooked more easily! Even 30 minutes of cooking is a lot, because if you cook it directly, what you need to do is put some spices and put it in the oven.

Overall, healthy food and food during diet is simple and does not require large virtuoso culinary skills. You just need to roast meat, boil rice or potatoes, chop vegetables, boil eggs or soak oatmeal in water. All of those things are done quickly and do not require much time to prepare. It’s really rare women (at least I know a few) to work 12-14 hours a day and literally do not have time for this (although, there are still ways to properly plan and optimize your time to prepare food for several days ahead).

Marina Dekova

Marina Dekova



„I can’t bring food to work – all of my colleagues go to have lunch outside, and I sit alone in the office …“

Sure you can have your home meal before that and go out with the other colleagues to have a cup of coffee with them, so if you miss them so much. Eating takes no more than 10-15 minutes and the rest of the lunch break you can spend with them.

Wearing boxes of food for work / journey is a matter of habit. So far, you’ve probably used to eating whatever falls into your hands: usually a massive lunch that keeps you satiated for 6-8 hours or just to be fooled by some other sweets, biscuits or sandwich smelling of meat at the office. All of these sh*t do not actually feed your body with the necessary nutrients. During the diet it is extremely important to follow all meals throughout the day. They must be divided hourly, not chaotic! From the first days of your diet regimen you most probably will begin to feel hungry precisely the time, in which you ate in recent days. In most cases, your diet should be selected in such manner to keep you satiated for 3-4 hours. Afterwards without being forced you will gradually start eating and drinking water more often, while the scale will go down. Why? Simple – metabolism becomes more effective, ghrelin (hunger hormone) becomes more aggravated, and insulin levels remain more stable (which can prevent a number of diseases).

In Part 2: I shall present you with some more reasons why most women fail on their diets, and how to actually cope with them


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